RINTERPAP - Revista Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas Aplicadas 2021-12-16T00:00:00+00:00 Prof. Dr. Luiz Henrique Lima Faria Open Journal Systems <p><strong>A RINTERPAP - Revista Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas de Tecnologias em Desenvolvimento (<a href="">2675-6552</a>) </strong>é uma revista acadêmica, associada à SESPTED - Sociedade Espírito-Santense de Pesquisas de Tecnologias em Desenvolvimento. Trata-se de um veículo de integração entre empresas, instituições sociais e pesquisadores que objetiva<strong> publicar artigos de pesquisa aplicada do campo Interdisciplinar</strong>, relacionando conhecimentos de <strong>Engenharia, Tecnologia e Gestão.</strong></p> <p> </p> SALES APPROACH WITH NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) IN A PHARMACEUTICAL DISTRIBUTOR OF PIRACICABA-SP 2021-10-29T22:35:32+00:00 Tatiane Rodrigues Pereira Cordeiro Nadia Kassouf Pizzinatto <p>This study investigates the theme of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) as a guideline for training salespeople regarding the sales approach in B2B (Business to Business). Methodologically, Exploratory Study sought theoretical support in Neuroliguistic Programming (NLP) as well as in marketing and sales. In a second stage, a Descriptive Statistical Study was carried out in the form of a survey with the salespeople of a Pharmaceutical Distributor with a main focus on phyto-drugs, with a target audience of manipulation pharmacies in the city of Piracicaba, with the participation of 21 of them, male and female. , aged 20 to 50 years. Following the guidance of the theory about NLP, three questionnaires were used for data collection: the first, by Goleman (1995), which aimed to identify which salespeople would have characteristics of self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and social skills. The second questionnaire, by Dalbosco and Trevisol (2019), was used to identify which percentage of salespeople had behavior in the visual, auditory and kinesthetic category.</p> 2021-12-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 RINTERPAP - Revista Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas Aplicadas INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESSES: THE CASE OF A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS 2021-10-29T01:29:56+00:00 Alexandra Alf Gallon Darlan Ariel PROCHNOW Airton Adelar Mueller Nelson José Thesing Danieli de Oliveira Biolchi <p>The present study aims to analyze the institutionalization of personnel recruitment and selection processes in a small family business. In order to achieve the proposed objective, a case study was carried out in a company in the food trade branch located in the northwest of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. As a data collection technique, a semi-structured interview and observation of the location was used. The data were analyzed using Bardin's content analysis. The results demonstrated that the institutionalization of the recruitment and selection processes of people is directly related to the performance of the owner of this enterprise, being that he is responsible for coordinating the actions that define the requirements for the vacancy, the form of disclosure and the interview of selection. The standards implicit in the company are typical of the small family business, where family members assume the role of managing different areas of the organization. It was suggested that further research be carried out in small companies in other Brazilian locations, in order to expand the discussions addressed by the present study.</p> <p><strong>Key-words:</strong> Institutional theory; People management; Human Resources.</p> 2021-12-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 RINTERPAP - Revista Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas Aplicadas RESEARCH OF THE SLP METHOD TO IMPROVE THE LAYOUT OF AN ICE CREAM FACTORY 2021-10-29T21:43:12+00:00 Ana Beatriz Locateli de Oliveira Silva Fernanda de Souza Linhares Marina Ribeiro Martins <p>The problems of physical arrangement for the organizations are relevant when have space and material movements limitations. Reviewing layouts is a way to improve the industrial production process. Therefore, the objective of this present academic work is to propose a layout for an ice cream factory's production, considering analysis of alternatives to increase productivity. The Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) Simplified method was used as the main tool for the construction of the layout proposal. A case study was carried out which investigates a phenomenon within a real context through an in-depth analysis of a study object. The method was used systematically and validated from the fifth step, where a qualitative comparation between the current layout and the alternative submitted. As a result, is achieved an optimized, complete, detailed layout plan that reduces 21,30% of the factory handling cost.</p> 2021-12-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 RINTERPAP - Revista Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas Aplicadas ANALYSIS OF ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INVESTMENT VIABILITY: APPLIED TECHNOLOGY IN MILK PRODUCTION 2021-10-29T01:25:40+00:00 Natália Vogt Galli Roselaine Filipin Darlan Ariel Prochnow <p>The improvement in the quality of life, together with the reduction of downtime in milk production, is the result of the technology invested and the consequent changes required by the milk production chain. Thus, the present study, carried out on a small property in the northwest of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, verified the feasibility for the acquisition of a new and modern milking model, through the financial analysis of investments. The research is classified as a single case study, with a quantitative approach. The suggested investment has several positive points, such as the possibility of flexibility in working hours and better quality of life for the producer, elimination of outsourced labor, easy handling of milking, definition of strategies, animal welfare, recovery investment and others. On the other hand, there are currently scenarios that hinder this improvement, such as the dependence on a stable electric power network and the maintenance distance in cases of emergency. The property under study is in a business environment conducive to innovation, which aims to improve the quality of life of the producer and increase revenue.</p> 2021-12-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 RINTERPAP - Revista Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas Aplicadas THE CORRELATION BETWEEN CERTAIN PUBLIC EXPENDITURE AND THE HDI-M AND IFDM INDICATORS IN THE MUNICIPAL PUBLIC MANAGEMENT IN THE STATE OF ESPÍRITO SANTO 2021-12-03T16:10:09+00:00 David da Silva Nunes <p>This project aims to carry out a more specific field of Public Administration research in the studies on the measures of effectiveness measurement of public policies. Its objective is to verify whether there is a correlation between the HDI-M (municipal human development index) and IFDM (Firjan municipal development index) indices and the various municipal public expenditure groups. For this study, we will use public expenditure data and cited indicators from all 78 municipalities of Espírito Santo (ES), seeking, through the Pearson correlation statistic, to highlight the level of correlation between the volume of expenses. specific public policies applied between 2002 and 2010 and the results obtained in the HDI-M and IFDM 2010.</p> 2021-12-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 RINTERPAP - Revista Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas Aplicadas CASE STUDY OF A BAKER COMPANY: WHEAT STOCK MANAGEMENT EVALUATION 2021-12-03T16:10:52+00:00 Yasmin Santos Pinto <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">The goal problem of this work is to propose improvement of wheat inventory management of a bakery, applying the inventory management method “P” and opportunity cost analysis. The study makes historical analysis of the company and proposes the adequacy of the model in order to reduce waste and production inefficiency. The adopted methodology is the case study, because the author does not have direct action during the elaboration of the work. The study shows through the basic calculations of the management model literature “P”, in order to propose the adequacy. The improvement proposal involves new quantities and periodicities of purchase, showing the feasibility of the opportunity cost study, seeking to insert the company's management model to the proposed one.</span></p> 2021-12-16T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 RINTERPAP - Revista Interdisciplinar de Pesquisas Aplicadas